"Not the regular gun belt you know". These dress belts are especially designed to deliver the necessary support for a complete loaded rig. They incorporate a Kydex inner liner for adding support. The liner also helps to mantain the original appearance of the belt after it has been under heavy use (plus they just looks fantastic).

They are available only in 1.25 & 1.50 as we think these are the most useful and practical belt types, covering most requirements for casual wear or formal dress.

Options:Premium cowhide leather / For exotic finishes please request pricing.
All hardwear used on this belt are solid brass (Silver buckle set are custom handmade for us on the finest 940 s silver available only as a custom order + extra 4 weeks of delivery)
Specify: 1.25 or 1.50 and Finish (if you wish it in optional shark skin)
Tip:If you carry IWB allow two additional inches when ordering one of these belts.
Price: US$ 325.00 (Full Shark Skin Dress Belt)

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