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Mr. Alex,

I wanted to let you know I got the RNG-H officers model holster in the mail.Thanks looks great.
Your stuff is awesome.Some of the finest holsters I have ever used.

The Shark Belt is the BEST BELT I have ever used”

Mr. Wesly E.
November, 9 -2012.


Dear Alex,

The box arrived this afternoon and the belts are BEAUTIFUL! The three holsters are EXCELLENT!
And the gift of a wallet-card holder is TOO KIND-- AND I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Mr. Mike F.
November. 7 -2012.



So happy to hear from you. Your final product is a testament to your attention to detail and excellence. I've been wearing the holster since delivery. Took me that weekend to break-in the extra tight retention, just as I request. ended up using waxed paper. That did the trick...

I prefer that it's tighter than usual since there is no thumb break. 

Thank you. I'm sure I'll get a lifetime of service out of this holster. 

As always, I wish you continued success and look forward to hearing from you. 

Let me know when & if you are accepting orders.


November. 4 -2012.


Alex, I have been extremely pleased with the set that you sent me almost two years ago. Not long after it arrived I moved away from the smaller Commander size guns and so I sent those holsters to a buddy of mine, but the rest of the gear has been treating me very well. Wears like iron, feels like silk! 

I have a new gun from Chuck Rogers on order and so this new set will be for that gun. 

Thank you very much,

My best,
October 28 -2012.



I just got home from work and found the holster waiting for me.  Beautiful.  Thanks so much.  I'm wearing it now as I write this email.  The fit is nice and tight and the detail molding is fantastic. 

Thank you!
Ben D.

I wish you continued success.

October 27 -2012.



Recibí el rig. ¡Que espectáculo! Verdaderamente eres un artista. Las fotos no le hacían justicia.  Es impresionante como logras mantener el holster tan delgado y a la misma vez tan rígido. Y la  cubierta completa de piel de tiburón sinceramente lo hace incomparable. El cinto también está espectacular... 

Te confieso que, aunque larga, valió la pena la espera con creces. Dudo mucho que compre holsters de alguna persona que no sea tú en el futuro. En Puerto Rico tienes un cliente más de por vida. 

Un abrazo,

Daniel. S.
Feb 28-2008



The new holster is awesome!  The detail of the tooling is second to none.  I could not be happier.
I am still breaking it in and finding that it's still a pretty tight fit.  Any tips on loosening it up a little?

As for ordering a new one, I'd like:

IWB3 for RH CMDR length 1911
1.5 inch belt loops
Shark trim
Tan leather (identical to the photo you sent me)

Thanks again Alex and keep up the terrific work.  There are not many craftsman left these days so it's nice to work with a genuine leathersmith.

Best Regards,

Mike N.
6 Abril -20011.


Alex, I have been wearing your leather for a while now. (Maybe over 4 years now). In my opinion, your IWB leather is the best out there!  Not only are they beautifully crafted, they are comfortable and functional.  My 1911 Stingray IWB and Stingray magazine carrier was so good, I had you make me one for my Glock 21 (an yes, Glock 21 is concealable even though it is huge).  If I remember correctly, you made your first G21 Stingray magazine carrier for me.  I use your leather on duty and off duty and put it in harms way, in harms way all the time!  I have passed on your name to many of the guys that do the same kind of work that I do. 

I also tell them, "The wait is worth it!".

Mr. Chris B.
8 January 2010


Alex, what more can I say except that you are "the man" to turn to when you need handgun leather or a belt. The Shark Belt and buckle are beautiful and have drawn many comments. The fit is outstanding and comfort is a 10+. Love the Carjacker, it's a well thought out design that anyone who carries and drives should have! Great around the house as well.The matching Shark pancake and double/single pouches are just incredible as are the other items. Thanks for turning me onto Shell Cordovan, used as the lining material it's just "smooth as buttah".

Again, Thank you for everything and keep up the great work. I'm proud to have you as a friend and you definitely have a lifelong customer!! Keep up the incredible work!


Mike G.
10 January 2009.


Hi Alex,

I was out of town during the weekend but came back into the office this morning to find a package on my desk.  Inside was a beautiful holster!!!  It came out terrific.  I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you very much for the extra card holder as well.  Very nice touch.

I hope everything goes well for you and your business.  Thanks again for the beautiful holster.

W.  Sandler
July  27 2009


Hi Alex,

Since I have not heard anything, I am hoping that you are OK.  I know you were having problems with your legs, and pray that you are not having problems.

Nothing special, except I was wondering if you are alright.

I wear your holster to church, and a good friend who also carries gets to see it. He always WOOs and Wows. I like it better each time I look at it. I don't mind making my friend envious.

Thanks again for such a wonderful piece of work.

Best Regards,
July  26 2009


Dear Alex,     

I received the order today, and I must say that I really appreciate the card holder.  The holsters are a true work of art, and I am pleased beyond expectation.  You are true craftsman.

Please do not feel that the least bit unpleased with you or your work.  I will recommend you to anyone. 

When you are in position to take another order from me, please let me know, because I will need a belt, and a holster for a revolver.

Thank you greatly,
B. Edwards
July 24  2009



Another piece of art!!  If you could send me another order form, I'd like to get on your list for another one like it!

Thanks a bunch Alex.

B. Hall
July 19 2009


Hi Alex, 

Thank you for the checkup on the holster.  It is great!!! I couldn't ask for a better holster.  The fit and boning are excellent as usual and I am quite happy w/ the concealment and comfort of the holster as well.  

Thank you again and happy holidays to you as well. 
Dec 28 2008



I wanted to say again that this belt & holster have totally exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU! Amazing!

M. Barnet
Dec 19 2008



I have been wearing your leather for a while now.  Maybe over 4 years now. 
In my opinion, your IWB leather is the best out there!  Not only are they beautifully crafted, they are comfortable and functional.  My 1911 Stingray IWB and Stingray magazine carrier was so good, I had you make me one for my Glock 21 (an yes, Glock21 is concealable even though it is huge).  If I remember correctly, you made your first G21 Stingray magazine carrier for me.    I use your leather on duty and off duty and put it in harms way in harms way all the time!  I have passed on your name to many of the guys that do the same kind of work that I do.   I also tell them,  "The wait is worth it!" 

Dec 19 2008


Got Order #330 in today.   First,  let me thank you.  These are truly great holsters.  I knew what to expect with the Valovak  but the little j-frame tuckable/pocket holster is “awesom”. I cannot tell you in words how pleased I am.

Please, keep me posted on anything you have in stock for Gov't. Model 1911's, Commander 1911's, or S&W J-Frames .

Thanks, again.
Dec 16 2008


Hi Alex!
Now, I have to say, I did not know what a belt was until I received this masterpiece. Unfortunately, in the intervening year-and-a-half, I do believe I have put on some weight. I probably needed a 36 instead of a 35 but it is awesome. I love it.

The holster is also really fantastic. A real showpiece. I really love it.

Many Thanks, Alex!
You are an amazing artist.
M. Barnet
Dec 10 2008


Hey Alex,  

 I love it !!!  Its defiantly the best quality holster Ive ever owned.....thanks again.

P.S... I did already reply once to tell you how much I liked it, iam not sure why most of my emails dont seem to get back to you. Please reply to this one so i know you got it....

W. Branch
Nov 20 2008


Hi Alex. 
I received the holster today.  It is fantastic!  Now I see why everyone raves about your work on LTW.  The leather is very thin.  The retention is very tight.  The detailing is very pleasing to the eye.  I like that you didn't use any extra leather for the holster; it's no bigger than it needs to be.  At first, I thought the holster was smooth-side out but then I realized it is rough-side out.  How did you get the rough side so smooth?  Any reason you didn't made the holster smooth-side out?  I'm curious to know.  For future reference, how much extra for this holster in horsehide or shark or elephant or bull?  Hope to hear from you soon. 

Thanks again. 
Jul 27 2008


Alex & Ned,
Just received my Stingray in Habana w/ Shark trim and fixed Shark loops for my 4" 1911. OUTSTANDING! I have a VersaMax II that I've used for months. Your leather is SOOO thin, it's almost like an epoxy resin paper. Absolutely stunning quality and craftsmanship. Well worth the 6 month wait. I'm sure you'll have a few of my friends as customers soon.

The BEST IWB holster maker in the world, in my opinion.

Thank you,

Nathan B.
Feb 17 2008


Alex, You did it again! Bought a new RNG for a G26 that Ned had in the shop and as us usual you work is far above par!! You are the man when it comes to gunleather!


Mike G
Springfield, Or
Jan 25 2008


Hi Alex,

I received my holster yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Your craftsmanship is awesome, and it fits my pistol perfectly. Now I want more of your work.

Thanks for the perfect holster,
Feb 20 2008


Alex & Ned, Received the IWB today and it's as expected a beautiful piece of leather artwork that puts to shame most holsters I have seen here in the states unfortunately, the gun I purchased it for won't be back from my gunsmith till next week but I'm sure it will feel right at home in this holster. I fully intend to place another order when you start accepting them. Thank you so much and by the way I love the cloth bag, it's a neat concept that definitely sets you apart from the others.

Take Care,


    I received the gun leather from Ned yesterday and it is the finest quality leather I have ever seen!! The high degree of attention to detail, the finishing and the fit is all outstanding. You are obviuosly a craftsman who is very proud of his work and you definitely should be.

    You have done such a good job on the hand boning, especially in the trigger guard,Your IWB just snaps I would like to order another sharkskin belt too.

    Thanks again for supplying me with such a high quality product. I will wear it with pride.

    J .T.
    Holland, MI


The holster arrived today and it is beautiful. I cannot believe how thin you got it and how comfortable it is. I am extremely excited by it and have been drawing out of it for the last 30 minutes. It is perfect. I feel confident that I am going to like it even more as time goes on.

And I want to thank you so very much for the card case for my birthday, that was such a nice surprise, I have it in my pocket with cards in it right now. Your thoughtfulness is touching and I am extremely grateful.

Again, the holster exceeds my greatest expectations, and I am so thankful for your work and skill.

Best regards,


    Hello Alex,
    I am happy to recieve my wonderful holster. It is beautiful and you are truly an artist with the leather.
    Thank you again,



Hi Alex,

It arrived and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the exceptional product!!! Sharkskin from the 'Land Shark'!!! Awesome!!!

Best, Tim



    The belt just came in the mail from Ned. It is beautiful!!!!!!!!! You are a master!!
    I still can't believe how beautiful it is. Thank you my friend.



All I can say is HOLY CRAP!!! You make one fine holster. My box came today and I am a happy man. It was well worth the wait.


PS The bags are a nice professional touch.



    The Mag holder is great. It really solved my problem with spare mags while doing surviellance operations. I use mine everyday on duty and off duty. I've been telling guys in the spec op community out here about your work. I even took it through Louis Awerbucks Tactical Pistol class. I was the only one in a class of 14 that was shooting from a concealed platform.

    I went to the firing line and Louis asked me "You cant shoot without a gun Joe! Go get it!" I just lifted up my T-shirt and everyone couldn't believe i was hiding a full size 1911 with 2 spare magazines. Everyone is impressed with it!




The holsters arrived today and are simply impeccable.

I've been fortunate to have the ability to utilize numerous holsters of various manufacturers over the years, but I must say that your products are absolutely astounding. The retention is absolute and the draw unimpeded. Both holsters cling to my body like custom fitted gloves without notice.


Fugitive Unit/ County Sheriff's Office N.


    How often do you see a holster-maker plugging the competition?

    Well, I firmly believe in giving credit where it's due, and I handled a holster today that is one of the most impressive I have seen in a long time. It has been quite a while since I've handled a holster and thought "I couldn't do that! How does he do it?"

    This is without a doubt, hands down, bar-none, the thinnest IWB I have ever seen (and I've seen them all).

    Most of us are using 6-7 oz leather for our IWB holsters. This holster appears to be 3-4 oz leather construction. And yet it is incredibly stiff. I could not get it to collapse no matter where I tried. The double-thickness trailing wing is about the thickness of a nickel, and that's double thickness! That's thinner than the single thickness of leather most of us are using! The mouthband is steel reinforcement covered with shark, and is still half the thickness of a single 6-7 oz piece!

    The fit, finish, and stitching are gorgeous! I don't know how he's doing it!
    My hat's off to you, Alex, as I humbly bow down!

    Mark Garrity